Saturday, October 30, 2004

What is Political Eugenics?

The United States forefathers setup the republic such that voting replaced violence. Rather than assassinations of political figures, we vote them out of office. Most often, this has been effective and political violence is relatively rare.

The war continues, however, only rather than bullets we use memes to kill. Though the killing may be more symbolic today, the intent is the same: to gain power and control with the "death" of another. In practice, this means power gained through ideas, symbolism, politics or religion with the defeat of other ideas, symbolism, politics or religions.

Today, rather than bullets and guns, the weapon of choice is memes.

A definition of "eugenics" and "memes" is order as a beginning:

Eugenics at Wikipedia

A discussion of memes at Wikipedia

In any political debate, it helps to ask ourselves three things before understanding the argument beyond what we are told: 1) What is in it for the arguer? How will it make him or her more powerful? (will to power) 2) Who is the arguer sacrificing to gain this power? (eugenics) 3) Who are the unknown figureheads that are really behind this argument? (politics)

This is the stuff most laws are made of, and it has little to do with justice.


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