Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A Summary of Result of 6,000 Operations in California, 1909-1929

In those days, girls were the real sex offenders and they were sterilized as much or more than the men. It's a strange book of propaganda, but they got a lot of laws passed, which was their goal - one state at a time. Hitler kind of messed things up for them by losing the war and going to the eugenic extremes he did. Here's an excerpt:

"Fear has often been expressed that the mentally deficient persons freed from possibility of parenthood would be encouraged to lead a life of sexual delinquency. Such fear argues scant knowledge of human nature. The fact that three-fourths of the sterilized feeble-minded girls of our study had been sexually delinquent prior to commitment is sufficient evidence that they are not deterred from anti-social conduct by fear of consequences. As a fact, this is precisely the class which has not sufficient foresight or self-control to be worried by what may happen later.

" Among the mentally deficient in state institutions, it may be stated at once and definitely that the males are not sex offenders. The feeble-minded young man is undersexed; he lacks the aggressiveness as well as the attractiveness necessary to play such a rĂ´le; and he is quite unable to compete with males of higher intellectual levels in this sphere. There has not been a single instance discoverable by us in which a sterilized feeble-minded male has been a sex delinquent. None of the sterilized males had been married prior to commitment, and only three have married since.
"The feeble-minded female of the type committed to institutions, on the other hand, is characteristically a sex delinquent. She is oversexed, feebly inhibited, lacks other interests, and is not merely a ready prey to unscrupulous males, but too often herself an aggressor in this field."

Notice how things change yet remain the same. Only the gender is different. Further, the authors acknowledge that "In her own home she is no safer. She is always subject to rape, and, in the lower class of home, to incest, which is common enough among a certain stratum of feeble-minded."

In short, her family life, childhood, the way she grew up, none of that bleeding heart liberal stuff mattered, just like today with the (mostly) male offenders. All that mattered was that she was a delinquent anti-social.

Many of the sterialized girls were children, some as young as 11 or 12.

This isn't some conspiracy theory. Check the title of the book, over 6,000 sterilizations, and there were about 30,000 in California alone before they were done. Maybe tomorrow, victims of crimes will be sterilized along with a prison sentence for the offenders.

"Oh, that can't happen!"

It did happen.

"But we are smarter now!"

Not if the goal all alone is still eugenics.

Sound crazy? Yeah, history is some pretty crazy stuff, and it likes to repeat itself.


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