Wednesday, October 05, 2005

YOUgenics (eugenics :)

Are you or have your ever been...

(1)Feeble-minded; (2) insane (including the nervous and psychopathic); (3) criminalistic (including the delinquent and wayward); (4) epileptic; (5) inebriate (including drug habitues); (6) diseased (including turberculous, the syphilitic, the leporous, and others with chronic infectious segregated diseases); (7) blind (including those with greatly impaired vision); (8) deaf (including those with greatly impaired hearing); (9) deformed (including the crippled); and (10) dependent (including children and old folks in "homes," ne'er-do-wells, tramps, and paupers.

The above is a list Harry Laughlin proposed before congress for an immigration law in April of 1920 - as quoted in American Eugenics by Nancy Ordover. The same list applied to native Americans when they could get a away with it, except those who fit (or unfit) the above were banned from the country, while native Americans were to be sterilized. All in the name of the master race. Bet you know someone who could be on this list.